Down wash sale at GANS, - 30% to 15th of May 2020

To ensure that your duvets and cushions can fresh and "retreaded" start in the next season.
Wash and top up if necessary with fresh down doing your ceiling well and ensures you a perfect sleep! They bring the down - we do the rest!

Prof animals from 30% discount on a small as well as large laundry service. The sale is true for the washing performance, but not for covers and fillings.

Washing Centre

Our Washing Centre: a well-deserved holiday for your down!

In our huge washing and drying drum, every customer's duvet gets to take a holiday for one. So you can rest assured that your duvet won't have to share with strangers.
Down items have a longer lifespan if they are cleaned regularly. Shake and air your pillows and duvets every day. Avoid exposing down and feathers to bright sunlight.
For hygienic reasons and because daily use reduces loft, duvets should be washed every three to five years, pillows every one to two years, and the shell replaced whenever necessary.
We wash your down and feather duvets hygienically and without chemical additives. State-of-the-art drying technology in combination with UV light ensures a germ-free result, making sure your duvets and pillows return to you in top shape.

We will discuss the right type of cleaning with you when you bring us your duvets.


Standard Washing Service

Your down and feather items are washed, steam-fluffed and dried.

Pillow completely clean with case, size 30x40 to 40x60 € 22,-
Pillow completely clean with case, size 50x70 to 70x90 € 32,-
Single comforter completely clean with case € 49,-
Double comforter completely clean with case € 97,-


Deluxe Washing Service

Your down or feather items are opened and the contents washed, sifted, steam-fluffed and dried.
The cleaned filling is then placed in a new shell and, if necessary, topped up with new down or feathers.
The washing prices are excl. specified costs for new shell and down filling. As prices vary depending on size, quilting and padding. 

We are happy to help you with a personal consultation, a cost estimate.

Pillow down and feathers clean separately € 8,-
Comforter without squares down and feathers clean separately € 16,-
Single comforter with squares down and feathers clean separately € 23,-
Double comforter with squares down and feathers clean separately € 43,-


Sewing Atelier and Embroidery Studio

Our Sewing Atelier and Embroidery Studio: nifty needles for your every wish

Our sewing atelier in Vienna can fulfil your every wish. Besides making pillows, duvets and bed linen in any size, unusual colours or fabrics you want, we'll be delighted to make your own designs to order as well. And if it's alterations or repairs you need, we'll find a way to help.

If you're looking for something really special, we recommend you try our embroidery service. You'll love your favourite bedding items even more once we've embroidered them with beautiful patterns or monograms. Besides customising your bed linen, we can also embroider towels, bath robes, covers or other textiles to your individual specifications. They make wonderful gifts as well!


Wedding List

We are pleased to advise you personally in order to leave for your big day nothing to chance.
Tell your relatives and friends, what you want by creating your own personal and exquisite list by GANS.

Fine linens, trendy home accessories as well as the finest terry leave nothing to be desired.
In our own sewing studio, we also manufacture like to request their personal bedding or give these your own touch,
with family monograms or other embroidery.

Our personal gift for you as newlyweds is a wedding bonus in the form of a voucher worth 10% of the purchased value of the goods.

Contact us for a free and personal consultation... here



Care instructions

Our tips for a long life of your textiles. 

Regular maintenance ensures optimal function and prolongs the life of your textiles. 
Therefore careful to select the care instructions of the manufacturer. 


Washing instructions bedding 

Washing instructions towelling


Regular Customers

Our delivery service: down about town

We'll travel any distance within the Vienna area for our regulars and major customers. Our chauffeur will deliver the required items right to your door – another of the many ways we help you relax.