Pillow Impuls

The specially developed four-hole hollow fiber Vitasan effectively protects against all types of allergens. 
The structure of the fiber to prevent the implantation of house dust mites, bacteria and fungi. 
In addition, the filling may be stored much more warm air. 
To ensure optimum hygiene, the "cushion pulse" 60 ° C are machine washable and dryable. 

Allergy sufferers can breathe easier and sleep peacefully! 

100% Tencel fine satin, white color with GANS quilting, 60 ° C gentle wash, tumble dry 
Stuffing envelope 
100% Vitasan 4-hole PES hollow fiber 
Filling core 
100% Vitasan fiber balls in cotton cover with zipper

Please send your order to our customer service at office@gans.at or 01/914 13 27.