Our philosophy: we work hard so you can relax.

Back in 1882, A. Gans opened Vienna's very first down duvet factory. Impressed by this new standard of quality, the aristocracy, the upper-middle classes and the finest hotels in the Habsburg Empire soon became regular customers. By the turn of the century, the name Gans had come to stand for top-quality down duvets and bed linen. And that hasn't changed to this day: our premium bedding is admired and sought after all over the world.

We combine the expertise we have acquired in more than a century of experience with the lessons learned from modern sleep research. Our products are made to take your size requirements, personal warmth needs and individual sleep habits into account. The result: not just premium quality and workmanship, but wellbeing for you. Every day. And every night.


Artisanal Production

We take pride and pleasure in developing and producing personal solutions for our customers in our small but superb sewing atelier. And of course we make sure that every single product meets our exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship. Tradition is important to us. "The good old days" play a crucial role – in the form of handed-down techniques, artisanship and top-quality materials.

We take all these different ingredients and blend them into what you expect from us: premium quality.



And because the best is only ever just around the corner, we're particularly mindful of where our materials come from – and source as much as we possibly can from Austria and Europe. Because we work and act sustainably, animal welfare matters to us. If we ensure the geese – our most important suppliers of all – are treated well, they will deliver perfect quality. But only after they've left this world: we don't pluck a single feather as long as they're in it. Besides being an EU standard, it's a matter of principle as well.
So you see: your untroubled sleep is the result of us acting responsibly.


Best quality 



of wild geese